Inspection of boilers and pressure systems


Ashdale Engineering carry out competent person engineering inspections (also known as ‘insurance inspection’ or ‘statutory inspection’) on all types of pressure systems in accordance with Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR). Inspections range from garage air compressors through to large industrial steam boilers and our engineers have extensive experience and knowledge in this field.

We will also draft and review written schemes of examinations for PSSR regulations.

This work enables us to detail any remedial work or urgent defects which may require attention in a clearly defined report to assist your business gain full compliance. Our expert surveyors are always on hand to discuss with your operators and site staff what effects this could have on the safety and operation of the equipment. 

Ashdale Engineering also carry out further testing required to support our thorough examination (such as non-destructive testing and hydraulic-testing) if necessary.

Points to consider

For most pressure systems (excluding steam) there is no requirement for an interim twelve monthly working examination.

Ashdale Engineering can review your written scheme of examination and, where appropriate, issue a new scheme which removes the requirement for the interim 12-monthly examination.

This will save your business time, inconvenience and money.