Health and safety consultancy


Ashdale Engineering provide a comprehensive health and safety consultancy service.

We can carry out site surveys to identify items requiring inspection under statute along with potential hazards or risks.

Following an assessment, we offer recommendations about the safety and operations of the site. Our consultant engineers are experienced and qualified to make assessments of structures, work environments, machines, pressure systems and hazardous chemicals or biological agents.

Ashdale consultant engineers offer guidance on all health and safety legislation to ensure your business or organisation makes the right choices. Our experts are always on hand following site visits to answer any further questions.

We make presentations on behalf of our clients, covering the regulations and requirements applicable to their operations, and the actions under statute necessary for compliance.

Points to consider

The Pressure Systems Regulations require a written scheme of examination to be produced for all qualifying pressure systems. This is a legal document outlining the method and periodicity of its examination. 

Written schemes of examination can also be a valuable tool to aid inspection regimes of other equipment. Preparing and reviewing this documentation is an integral part of the Ashdale Engineering portfolio.

What is often less utilised, with respect to lifting equipment, is the ability of duty holders to amend the inspection frequency of equipment based on risk factors following a detailed assessment by a competent person.